Medical Researchers Need the Best From Antibody Manufacturers

I’ve had a long-standing interest in genetic engineering and longevity related research. In fact since the age of 11 years old, I have always thought that dying is a stupid way to live, and it has always annoyed me the most people think that old age is a normal part of life rather than the disease that it is. Aging in many ways is about our bodies rusting just like iron rusts when exposed to oxygen, the human bodies also is damaged at the genetic level by free radical oxygen molecules. And there are other causes for aging related to the way proteins act in our system, the way junk builds up in our cells, other junk builds up between our cells and how our DNA repair-kit gets damaged through the metabolism of living.

Then there is the issue of antibodies which are also known as immunoglobulins which are gamma globulin proteins found in our bloodstream or other fluids in the body of all vertebrates including people. They are used by our immune system to identify, target and to neutralize or destroy the many foreign objects present at any moment in time including bacteria and viruses.

Aging is a disease, and there is nothing natural or romantic about it. It brings on a long and torturous death by a multitude of painful and serious medical problems and a tremendous loss of quality of life along the way. The nonsense of the Bush government blocking genetic research is thankfully passed, and so America may even begin to catch up a little on the progress made by the rest of the world – though many great minds from the American research community have already migrated to Europe.

Thankfully modern research is now focused on getting to the root cause of each and every known issue that impacts on our health. In my resource box is a link to one antibody manufacturer that already has 11,000 antibodies that it routinely produces for its research clients worldwide as they investigate diseases and formulate drugs and medical treatments and this company releases an extra 200 antibody products a month to keep pace with the needs of researchers. Indeed they claim to have 17,000 additional antibodies in their development pipeline to assist in the global research for the highest quality of life for the rest of us.