Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura – Is Anti-D Antibody the Right ITP Treatment For You?

One form of ITP treatment is Anti-D Anti-body. This is just one of the conventional medical treatments doctors prescribe for idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (an autoimmune disease where the body destroys it’s own blood platelets. Marketed under the names of WinRho SDF or Rhophylac, Anti-D Antibody is a blood product used to raise the blood platelet count temporarily and occasionally longer term. In one study it was found to be effective about 80% of the time although the effects were temporary. the effects usually last about a month. Just what is Anti-D you might ask?. It is a freeze dried gamma globulin fraction which contains antibodies to Rh (D). It is made of human plasma from a limited list of donors. The plasma undergoes a viral inactivation and micro filtering process using a solvent detergent.

The donors are stimulated to produce Immunoglobulin with high levels of specific antibodies, thereby reducing the cost of the treatment by at least half of what IVIg treatment would cost. It is also safer to use then IVIg , because Anti-D has been treated to inactivate any form of viral contamination. Because Anti-D antibodies and action are so specific, it is only effective for people who still have their spleen and are Rh positive (about 85% of population). It may not be suitable for some pregnant women. Anti-D Antibody is taken either through an IV drip, which usually takes about half an hour or through an IV push, which just as the term indicates, pushes the infusion through your blood stream in about 5 minutes. These treatments can be given as a single dose or 2 doses over separate days. The frequency and dose is determined by the patient’s clinical response.

What are the side effects? Not pleasant to be sure and sometimes even deadly. They range from headaches, chills, fever and body aches, pain and swelling at the injection site. Not everyone experiences the same side effects. For people sensitive to blood products there is a remote risk of shock.. Anemia is also a problem because of the destruction of red blood cells. Monitoring the patient is especially important for people with low hemoglobin. Sometimes rare but serious complications such as intravascular hemolysis can occur which is releases hemoglobin into the plasma and involves pre-mature destruction of the red blood cells, and can result in death. Patients should be advised of warning signs for intravascular hemolysis such as back pain, shaking chills, fever, discolored urine, fluid retention, decreased urine, shortness of breath and sudden weight gain.

If you have ITP disorder and your physician has recommended Anti-D Antibody you should discuss all aspects of treatment with him, especially potential side effects in order to make the right decision about your health.

It seems like an awful lot of risk for a temporary fix. Don’t you think? Consider the risks and look for safer alternatives.

Oral Sex and Sperm Antibodies

Ladies, if you’re in the habit of ingesting sperm, get out of the habit today. Experts in the field of immunological infertility have found evidence suggesting that women who swallow their partners’ sperm may form antibodies to the sperm. In a sense, swallowing the sperm is synonymous with being inoculated with it, and you could wind up giving yourself a sperm vaccine!

How is this possible?

When the sperm is introduced into the digestive tract, the immune system sees it as a foreign invader, forms antibodies to it, and kills it off. Later, when the same sperm shows up in the cervical canal, the immune system gets confused and attacks and kills the sperm on the spot, preventing conception.

The more sperm you swallow, the more antibodies you create, so a single episode of ingesting sperm will most likely not affect your fertility. In addition, since the antibodies are created in response to one specific partner’s sperm, past episodes of sperm swallowing with other partners should not cause your body to form antibodies to your current partner’s sperm.

Men often ingest their own sperm when they perform cunnilingus after intercourse with their female partners. In this case, past episodes of this with other partners can affect your fertility today. To avoid swallowing your own sperm, always wash your penis carefully after sex. When a male forms antibodies to his own sperm, the antibodies may even destroy the sperm before they leave his body.

Finally, women who have anal sex with their partners should avoid getting sperm inside their rectums, which can also cause their bodies to create sperm antibodies. Anal sex may cause the tissue inside the rectum to tear, allowing the sperm easy access into the bloodstream, triggering the immune system to create antibodies.

Bear in mind that this theory is still in the research phase and has not yet been absolutely proven! Nevertheless, if it’s true, it could be a powerful piece of preventive medicine for millions of couples.

Antibody Offers New Hope Against Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer has been fatal for women. More and more women are becoming victims of this cancer. More than 21,000 cases of this disease have been recorded during the year 2009. Statistics reveal that women who have been diagnosed with this cancer when they were less than 30 years have more chances of survival than older women who have crossed 50.

In ovarian cancer, the lethal cancer cells get accumulated in the ovaries. Since ovaries are important for producing eggs for reproduction, this deadly disease affects the female reproductive and sexual organs. Different types of tumor cells like stromal, germ cell and epithelial tumors cause this type of cancer.

A lot of research has gone into fighting the numerous cancer cells that affect the individuals. With all treatments and medications, scientists find it a challenge to treat this disease.

Lately, a new antibody has been found by the researchers in order to fight against the cancer cells that attack the immune system of the body. This has offered new hopes for treating ovarian cancer among women.

This antibody named AD5-10 attaches to the cancer cells weakening the resistance of the tumor cells to the body’s immune system. In addition, this antibody is found to be more effective for chemotherapy.

AD5-10 antibody decreases resistance of the cells to carboplatin, a common agent used in chemotherapy. The combined effect of this antibody along with carboplatin was more effective for treating cancer patients. Reports also revealed that the antibody is found to react in this manner only when the cell killers known as lymphocytes NK are present in the tumor cells during the same time.

Laughter – The Natural Antibody That Burns Calories

For some people who want to stay healthy without getting tired of doing hard exercises or spending a lot of money on medicine, laughing may be the alternative activity they have to choose.

Laughing is almost the same as aerobics exercise, which benefit especially the upper part of the body. It is a work out for diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, shoulders, back muscles and even legs. Moreover, it makes digestion and absorption system functioning better. According to some studies, laughter can burn calories equal to walking or biking.

A study conducted at Vanderbilt University demonstrated that 10 to 40 percent calories are burnt through 10 to 15 minutes laughing. In fact, new research published in the International Journal of Obesity said that laughing is the best medicine for a weight problem.

One thing for sure, laughing needs no cost all. It is a natural antibody or in other words priceless medicine. The same as smiling which can increase endorphin hormone, so as laughing can strengthen the immune system and increase natural killer cell levels that prevent the growth of cancer cells. Laughing also makes a person’s body more relaxed and thereafter reduces problems related to high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke, depression, anxiety, stress, arthritis, and ulcer.

Most of the time, laughing is also an exercise for the heart and lungs. It can increase the amount of oxygen getting through our body. Thus, laughter is believed to stimulate both sides of brain and enhance the brain function related to retaining information and solving problem.

Believe it or not, children laugh more than adult. This is pathetic because adult is the one who has more problems. That is why they need more laughter to overcome them. Or is it because they laugh less thus they have more problems?